Common Mistakes People Make When Installing Security Camera Systems

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An unwanted intruder in your home or office may not only leave a big hole in your wallet but also create emotional trauma, and it could take years to recover from the incident.

Safeguarding your premises with useful security cameras is crucial, to reduce the risk of a robbery. While off the shelf CCTV products exist, it’s best to consult a security system company who can understand your specific needs and provide a custom solution.

To help you understand the benefits of working with a security professional that will ensure you avoid basic errors when fitting CCTV, Prep Security has put together a list of the most common mistakes people make when installing security camera systems.


1. Purchasing a camera system off the shelf or online.

Purchasing a camera system off the shelf or online may seem like a bargain, as big box stores and online retailers offer great deals on security camera kits. However, these cameras are usually of low quality and not suitable for your needs. In fact, most big box stores don’t even use the systems or brands that they sell and choose to work with security companies for their security needs. Our advice is first to contact a security system company before you purchase a kit off the shelf.


2. Inefficient field of view.

Positioning cameras which create inefficient fields of view should be avoided so that you can capture maximum footage through the lens. Newbies, DIY enthusiasts, and even some installers will point the camera in such a way that looks aesthetically pleasing, namely capturing the horizon. However, when you do that you usually miss what is below the camera. We suggest pointing a camera in such a way that the top of the picture is the doorway for indoors, and for outside we recommend removing the sky from the screen.


3. Ineffective camera placement.

It would be best if you avoided ineffective camera placement. Most fixed lens cameras get up to a ninety-degree field of view. If you install a camera in the middle of a wall in a room, you are going to miss space to the left and right of the camera. We advise you to put the camera in the corner of the room, where it will be able to capture most of the space.


4. Wasted hard drive space.

Going through hours of video footage takes time, so it is crucial not to waste hard drive space. By default, many video surveillance recorders will record twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week. However, it is best to activate the record on motion setting. This setting will only shoot moving objects, which will save time looking through dead space when reviewing recordings and will free up more space on your hard drive.


To overcome these mistakes and many others, reach out to the experts at Prep Security, located in St Charles, Missouri. We have been successfully installing security camera systems for over a decade and also specialize in services such as alarms, access control, network cabling, and low voltage solutions.

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