• How can I get pricing or a quote?
  • How soon can I get my system installed?
  • What are your payment terms?
  • Do you offer service agreements?
  • Do you have insurance that would protect me from liability?
  • What brands do you use?
  • What is your warranty on your products?
  • Can I see a demo?
  • Do you offer cellular service for alarm systems?
  • Do you offer wireless cameras?
  • Can you read license plates with your cameras?
  • Do I need to have Internet service for my cameras to work?
  • Do you monitor my cameras?
  • How many days of recorded video will I be able to store?

We do not have any pricing online so give us a call or email to discuss. We can set up a free site survey or if you know what you are looking for, we can put together a quote for you after a brief conversation.

It depends on availability of equipment, but we can normally get you scheduled the next week, occasionally the next day.

We usually do 50% down and 50% at completion, but we are flexible and can work with you. We also offer monthly payment plans.

Yes. We can customize them to suit your needs and have many customers who take advantage of this service.

Prep Security carries commercial general liability, commercial automobile liability, and workers compensation insurance.

Please see for a partial list. If you have another brand, you are looking for, we more than likely can get it for you through our current vendors.

All of our products carry at least a one-year warranty from the time of purchase. Covers all product malfunctions and or defects, but does not cover acts of nature, crime, and/or misuse.

You can set up an appointment to visit our office. Sometimes we can take you to existing customers. We can also show you things Remotely for your own PC

Yes and that is primarily all we do. Landlines are actually normally more expensive these days.

We do, but we often steer customers away from them because they are less reliable. There are a few battery powered cameras, but besides those,you have to get power to the cameras anyway so there usually isn't a cost savings in labor. Wireless cameras are more expensive in general.

In order to reliably read license plates, you need a purpose built License Plate Reader (LPR) camera. *Reliably *is the key word because any camera can read license plates with proper distance, a stopped or slow moving car, and good lighting. A LPR camera needs to be strategically placed and have a narrow field of view, one lane of traffic is best.

No. Our systems will work on location without the Internet. However, if you want to view them remotely through your phone or PC, then you would have to have the Internet. We are a Verizon partner though and can provide a cellular router if you do not have Internet.

Normally we set customers up to monitor their own cameras. We do offer a service for Live View Monitoring through a third-party. With our service agreement, we can check the health of your system, but are not live monitoring cameras from our office.

Usually as much as you want. We can do a calculation or estimation based on several factors: number of cameras, resolution, frame rate, compression type, and percentage of activity. Most customers prefer recording on just motion so that it saves hard drive space and keeps you from having to look through dead space. Given that, coming up with an exact number of days is impossible.