How This New Trend In The Security Industry Could Help You

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Through the use of superior algorithms, artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly changing various industries such as retail, education, and the legal profession. Security is another major field where AI is a growing trend that is assisting with behavioral analytics.

Specialized cameras are collecting data and classifying objects through machine learning, which is sounding the alarm in case of intruders. While AI is enhancing surveillance capabilities, there is still a lack of knowledge regarding the software. So to understand the basics of AI analytics and how you can make the best use of technology, read on!

There are many advantages of using AI analytics in business which includes managing staff, measuring sales, and reducing the time it takes to fulfill the customer. AI cameras can collect data on how many people enter the store, how long they stand in line, which can identify busy periods. However, people are also wary of facial recognition and how it may violate privacy.

While the concerns about some AI technologies getting misused are real, there is no question that there are benefits.

For instance, in the security industry, we can highlight many benefits to our customers, such as helping Retailers identify the best place to place items in their stores through heat maps, and getting alerts of high profile or blacklisted customers through facial recognition.

We can assist business owners in reducing loitering by being able to notify them of how long somebody is staying in one area. New AI capabilities also provide warnings of potential fires in warehouses based on spikes in the temperature.

Customers can take advantage of all these efficient life-saving technologies by calling us to discuss what aspects of the AI Analytics they are looking for, so we can set them up with the camera best suited for their needs.

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