Is Access Control Right For My Business?

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The physical security for personnel and property is a priority for every business, and therefore, appropriate systems must be installed. While traditional lock and key setups still offer security, they can be tampered with, leaving you unaware of potential threats, break-ins, robberies, etc. However, with a smart security setup that provides access control, you receive heightened security. The access control allows you to keep track of entries and exits from your business. It also prevents individuals without access authority from entering your premises.

An access control uses electronic locks and credentialing (i.e., a key FOB and biometrics) to restrict access and control entrances and exits. It is managed through a security software that can be run through your computer system and be managed remotely as well.

Benefits of access control

The biggest benefit of an access control is that it restricts the entry of unauthorized individuals and controls the entrance and exit of personnel through electronic means rather than mechanical keys. This allows you to get rid of keys and having to re-key locks from time to time. You can even manage who and when people can access your properties, buildings, and rooms. The system updates you about who’s entering and exiting and at what time. The data of who and when employees and others are accessing different spaces can be preserved and referred to later in the event of a break in, robbery, or other issues.

Challenges of an access control

Given that access controls are part of a smart technology set up, they are designed to be simple and easy to use. That said, initially you may face a bit of difficulty in operating and managing the system software as it is new and different. Similarly, onboarding or getting employees, vendors, etc., registered in the system with credentials can take a bit of time. But this is a one-time step per individual process. Similarly, getting to know the system is very easy, after a few goes you should be able to control it without hassle.

Questions to ask your provider

1. What is the weight capacity of the lock - how much can it withstand when being forced?
This is a crucial detail, as access locks work in the same way as regular locks, so if they are forced open with the right weight, the doors they lock can be pried open.

2. How many users can it handle?
Some systems have a specific access limit. If you have a large workforce, you’ll need to make sure that they can all be accommodated by your access control system. Should your team expand further, you should be able to include the new joinees as well.

3. How easy is it to update and add credentials?
As you will be using the access control software, you need to be able to manage it with ease. So ask your provider about its features and how easy it is to use. If possible, ask them for a demonstration of the system and about their support services.

The cost of an access control system
The cost of an access control system is variable based mainly on the type of door and electric lock needed and the number of doors on the system. The average cost of an access control is $1200 to $3000 per door. Another important cost consideration is whether or not to get a cloud-based solution. There is a $6 to $10 per door monthly fee for cloud-based solutions. The benefit is that you do not have to purchase a server for the software and updates are live and easy. At Prep Security, we prefer cloud-based offerings because they are more user-friendly and they are always doing updates to make it better.

How can you ensure an access control system works for you?
When acquiring an access control system, make sure to identify the traffic and flow patterns within your premises. It may be time to stop using certain doors and forcing people to certain areas for management and safety purposes.

Additionally, you need to make sure to remove people from the database when they are terminated or no longer need access so that you maintain security. Also, train existing employees on how to use the access system to avoid difficulties and enforce policies so that unwanted “followers” do not have access to your building.

For more details about access control systems, reach out to us at Prep Security. You can give us a call at (636) 493-0514 to get a quote today! We have four different brands that we use depending on your needs and requirements. Our options include:, Brivo, Infinias and GeoVision.

There are also standalone access control solutions where you can manually manage users through the keypad. But this is tedious and there are fewer options for control and management through these devices.

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